#2. For My Daughter, Giñika.

For Ginika Poem by Juliet 'Kego Ume-OnyidoMy darling Giñika,

This is my prayer for you, this is my song for you.

Let your soul be opened to the glorious majesty dwelling within

Let your heart savor the soothing essence each time you breathe in

And your spirit quake with sweet laughter and salty tears

At the colors and sounds and shapes they experience

Dear child, rejoice in these unfathomable gifts of words

Gifts so tender, yet so violent it shapes your senses

Listen like a sponged basket

Let the good soak into your core, filling its center

Throw the bad away like chaff from a peanut seed.

This is my prayer for you, this is my prayer to you.

Let your dreams be what all dreams are made of

See with your soul’s eye to mountains unclimbed

Look beyond the mountains, beyond the skies

To someplace we just know by faith exists

Listen to everyone, but do and act alone

Never run from life

Live each day as important but not urgent

Take your time and taste your red wine

Everything can wait, do not rush through life

For the years are many but the seasons few

This is my prayer for you, this is my prayer to you.

Take a sip like a lady should

And then once in a while gulp the whole damn thing

Life isn’t always very pretty you know

Wear high-heeled boots and push up bras

God knows you’ll need them enough

Yet never let go of those braless days

When you walk barefoot on sandy grounds

I wish you girlfriends who will be your rock

Sisters through good and bad seasons

But be ready for painful separations in between

For in those quiet spaces, you will grow and bloom.

This is my prayer for you, this is my prayer to you.

A great love is great to share your life with

But never entrust your happiness to another

For that is a selfish, selfish thing to do

Everybody is human you know,

Finding their own path back to the creator

We are all called to be witnesses

Of the awesomeness of the light in us

So know that your knight in shinning armour

Also needs you to rescue him back.

Let your joy come from a sacred place within

Nurtured by only God, never man

Learn from your pains but leave them in the past

Rewrite your story in HIS light and let it be HIStory for you

Everyone else you meet is simply to remind you of his glory.

This is my prayer for you;

This is my prayer to you.

I see a beautiful life before you, dear child

Roads not yet traveled, paths of glory

And I see you now, so beautiful with the wrinkles of life

Perched over your daughter and granddaughter,

Writing beautifully crafted words to them too

Oh, dear child, you make me so proud by simply being

You are indeed one of my best gifts to world…

(c) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved).

2 thoughts on “#2. For My Daughter, Giñika.

  1. Beautifully crafted and written to the honour for a well deserving daughter. I join you in celebrating Ginika! The amazing fruit of your union! Kudos my dearest 😍😍🔤😃


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