#27. Of First Loves And Lost Loves

Day 11. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: Of First Loves And Lost Loves

first loveMemories are all I have

Memories to last a life-time

Remembering past tender moments

The eloquence of first loves

I long and ache to feel you here

To know that you’re always near

I miss your smiles and random hugs

And how you gently let me see

And accept all of me

Through your beautiful eyes

Naked and revealed

Unafraid and unscathed

I am whole and complete.


I dare to imagine and create visions

Of possibilities and probabilities

Of future dreams of what may have been

To lose myself in the mundane present moments

And escape these bitter-sweet past memories

Of young loves and innocent kisses

Of plans of daring, extraordinary adventures

That only crazy-in-love young hearts can create

When we thought we’d live forever

And grow old in love forever.


Memories are all I have

Memories of first loves and lost loves

Yes, life played a wicked, dirty trick

I fought the heavens for you and I lost

The angels have you for company now

And left me all alone, here below, deserted on Earth

With memories of love, so honest, pure and true

I shall carry you in my heart with me, my love

Indeed, memories are all I have

Glorious memories that make for many a lifetime.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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