#28. A Song For Widows.

Day 12. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

 Poem: A Song For Widows.

widowForgive us Father and allow us sing our song of pain

We look to you in surrender, and not with blame

For the things in this world that we’ll never understand

Why some souls fall and others still stand

The sharp piercing pain of a dear, dear sister-friend

As she experiences a moment when her world crumbles and seems to end.

A beautiful bride, the saviour’s handmaid

Now suddenly, by fate, a lonely widow made!

Caught up in a nightmare of stolen dreams

Trapped in a world of silent screams.


Allow us wail and mourn a passing that makes no sense

As children lose a father and their sense of innocence

No more security, they bear the pain that he’ll never be there

That all their triumphs and challenges, he’ll never know

No, he won’t be around to watch them bloom and grow

So allow us weep and scream in our anguish and fear

And express our deep, agonizing, searing sorrow

And the sheer futility of living for tomorrow

When indeed all we have is now, this moment, today

And look to HIM, our creator, who gives and takes away.


Papa, shower your grace, love and strength on my dear sister

Send forth the holy comforter, the counselor to surround her,

I beg of you, sweet, sweet and gentle lamb, never depart or be far from her presence

Walk with her and fill her body, mind, soul and spirit with your healing essence

Give us the grace to stand, show up and be here for her, solid and strong

May all the years of her life, many, many decades ahead, be blessed and long

To you Oh Lord, we offer our tears, our heartache and our sorrows,

To you alone, we surrender our past, todays and tomorrows

Biko Chukwu, anyi bu umu gi na ayo gi nna,

Ozoemena! nna anyi, biko, ozoemena!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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