#31. And the Heavens Kissed the Earth…

Day 15. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: And the Heavens Kissed the Earth

Heaven on Earth Dr Wayne DyerAnd in the sacred hour

When dusk and dawn meet in new-found delight

The heavens opened her arms and enfolded the earth

And he kissed her and held her close

The stars shimmered with unshed, sparkly tear-filled eyes

The cloud rolled out their drums of thunder

And the gentle, shy moon, sighed as she looked from afar

And we, mere mortals awakened to the miracle of life

We dared to embrace our humanity and divinity

And we finally experienced the love that heals

A love that simply is, unconditionally ours.


It re-connected us with our core

And freed our souls from its fears

Unleashing the buried creativity in our being

It broke down our walls, broke open our spirits

And un-locked our chained, bruised hearts

So we reigned in our hurts and allowed our spirits soar

We aligned with our natural flow and filled our bodies with light.


Unashamed, naked we danced and sang out loud

Know that this well of love is already ours

An internal spring that will never cease to flow

It was ours even before creation, ours when paradise was lost

It is already in us, a gift made manifest with every breath we draw

So your life’s journey is not to seek it outside of you

As if it were external to you, open up and let it out of you.


Be willing to be open up and share this eternal truth

That you were created in love, moulded with love and redeemed by love

You are worthy! There’s no need to live life as if you were trapped in a struggle

This love came your way through grace, so choose to live gratefully and graciously

Sow seeds of kindness, value, joy and love. Surrender, accept, allow yourself BE

Dance to the music inside you, hidden in spaces between the rhythms of your heartbeat.


In that sacred moment when the heavens kissed the earth

In that magical hour when dusk and dawn became one

Choose to disconnect to connect, to take a life-pause

To un-plug to truly stay plugged in to your source

And switch off to stay tuned in.


Watch and wait for the sacred hour when the heavens draws the earth in

Take a step back from everything and find yourself in the quiet spaces of your soul’s being

Embrace the peaceful and healing power of silence

Enter the co-creative space, and dare to co-create your destiny with the creator.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

One thought on “#31. And the Heavens Kissed the Earth…

  1. Through us, when we let our unfettered spirit flow in love, heaven kisses the earth. We are, each of us, heavenly beings minding earthly things…
    Jul, you are doing great!


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