#33. Labyrinth of Life

Day 17. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: Labyrinth of Life

Labyrinth, a maze of lifeA disconnect from love

A separation from ourselves

Beguiled by the seducer’s lies

Cast aside from paradise

Daughters of Eve, sons of Adam

We are thrust on a barren land!

A long, long way from home

With no guide, no roadmaps

On a strange path that zigzags

Winding roads that criss-cross

Blemished veils fog our way

We have become trapped

In a cold world, lost and lonely

Condemned to roam blindly

Going round and round

To till and toil the ground

Wretched, on this path we chose

We’re rudderless, without purpose

In this hellish world we built

Falling deeper and deeper

In a spiral of shame and guilt

We lash out at one another

Drunk in our pride and conceit

Steeped in pain, we reek of deceit

Whorls of damning insanity

Stealthily encroaching our minds

Living a lie, in denial, prisoners of ego

No peace can we ever find

Our lot for now and all eternity

Cut off from the source, in limbo

In this hazy labyrinth of life

Cursed, condemned, cast aside

Till a lamb was slain for us

Yes, a King of kings died for us

And our path was lit with light

We were lifted up from the dark hole

As we returned back to love

Fractured and wounded no more

Healed, worthy and whole

In our hearts, our paradise forever restored.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).



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