#36. The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Day 20. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

WHAT'S YOUR STORY?Poem: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The stories they told us of ourselves

Dis-empowering, based on a fallacy

Based on their own projections

Of their unresolved  stuff and pains

Soon took root in our hearts and minds

And soon their jaundiced stories of us

Became the stories we tell ourselves

And we became separated from our own truth

And we were trapped in this painful bondage

Manifesting lies and existing blindly

And the more we fought against the pain

The more we bled and this pain fed on our blood


Until a love came our way in a town of Galilee

A love that broke open our hearts to life eternal

To use this heart for the purpose it was created

And for once in our lifetime, we fell into love, steeply

Soaked in the waters of the Nile and the Jordan

Unconditionally, passionately, deeply, we fell in


We no longer fight the pain, we see the purpose now

Not to inflict suffering, rather to bring us into a new awareness

New skills, new solutions, new insights about ourselves and others

And the purpose of your pains is to awaken and jolt us into action

To pay attention to life and so we embrace and channel our pains

Knowing they will lead us to soar to new incredible heights

There’s a story buried deep within you. What’s your story?


Stories hidden in sacred spaces where our pains and joys co-exist

And today we get to choose the stories we want lived and told

We can finally see, hear, feel, speak and live our truth

A truth that’s alive within us, it is the primary reason we live

To this truth do we now wholly surrender

We simply show up and simply take the journey

And bask in these new stories we  tell ourselves

Empowering stories of our connectedness

The stories we were always destined to tell.


© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved).

One thought on “#36. The Stories We Tell Ourselves

  1. Jul, this is great! And what stories they’ve told us, just as they were also told, each generation fanning the stories unto the next generation. Thank God for the Resurrection power. Sometimes, I dare to wonder where we’d have been now for it. Happy Easter
    dear girl!!!


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