#39. The Colours of Youth

Day 23. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

coloursPoem: The Colours of Youth

Many different hues and colours everywhere we look

And yet none holds a candle to the colours of our youth

The colours through which we found and embraced our truth

Beyond the bridge, across the gentle, flowing rivers of the Niger

The colours of our youth took life, blossomed into shape and form

These colours hold secrets and mysteries of a timeless passage

When maidens against systems and structures so boldly rage

And nymphs into seductive sirens did powerfully transform

We came into our own, friends, now sisters, forever bound

We found our souls’ faith, our spirits’ path, our hearts’ sound

Hush, be quiet, let me share these colours of our youth with thee

Let me sing to thee about the earthy, warm colours of Ixora

The spunky sassiness and jazziness of green, vibrant Jasmine

Of the passion and fiery red-hot fires of Cherry in all her glory

The energy and lustful zest of life flowing from lovely Zinnia

And the splendour, majesty and royal gait of cool Bougainvillea

Within the walls of those gardens, inside those hilltop gates

We were truly sisters, unbreakable, unsinkable, unshakeable

Our creativity ran true and free, beneath the old mucous tree

Ah! Such is the beauty of the memories of the colours of our youth.

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