Random Musings: Buhari, PMAN, “Solidarity” Concerts, Trekking and all that stuff

‪#‎HoldingOurLeadersAccountable‬ #BridgingTheIntegrityGAP #RaisingANewGenerationofCreativeTransformationalLeaders @MBuhari @AsoRock

LeadershipI just saw the seemingly harmless headlines on my news feed: ‘PMAN to organize solidarity rally for Buhari…’

And my reaction: Why? What for? The man is already voted in, what’s with all these unnecessary effizy moves…I guess the gospel of sycophancy may truly be alive and well.

I subscribe to PMAN’s freedom of expression and association. However, my question is this: Why can’t PMAN focus on ‘solidarity’ concerts for worthy causes and create awareness/solution for our myriad issues.

Serious challenges such as corruption, infrastructural decay, access to affordable/quality education, scourge of kidnapping, rape, abuse and terrorism etc…My goodness, 69 innocent people died in Onitsha due to a tanker accident, why not have a concert for adequate funding for emergency response /fire fighting units? Thousands die daily in the North East from attacks by Boko Haram, why not compel the government to be and do more in areas of security???? Better still, have a concert to raise funds to support our brave military forces or even to cater to the needs of the families left behind by fallen soldiers.

Mr President, one of the keys to transformational leadership is an awareness of Praise singers and blind supporters…Your enemies are not your critics, your bigger enemies are people who will suck up to you and turn your eyes away from the truth. You have the power to show clarity in the direction we should be heading.

You also have a responsibility to engage citizens in a way that allows them to unlearn a lot of very unhealthy habits and practices. For so many decades, we have been going down a slippery slope in our nation. The steep climb back up will not be easy because our collective psyche has been distorted. We need to redefine our value construct. One of the reasons why I supported you from 1999 till date, is that I saw in you someone who has the resolve and discipline to lead by personal example.

The notion of exemplary leadership is something that is alien to us as a society. Do not disappoint the teeming youths who crave quality representation and leadership at all levels. WE are a generation in search of true role models. BE different in a refreshing, empowering way. You owe this nation a lasting legacy.

Office of the Citizen Whole Woman NetworkMr President , please let your body language be clear to organizations such as PMAN. It cannot be business as usual. Change must be evident even in the seemingly innocuous things. This is a nation in dire straits, you no longer have the luxury of inane photo ops.

Please call these jobless people to order. You have a nation to run. The fractured pieces need to be healed. We need visionary leadership, now more than ever. There is anger and hunger in the land. Very, very dangerous combination. ‪#‎Ozoemena ‬‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬

Enough of the misplaced priorities and wastage. Let’s re-prioritize and begin to focus on our fundamentals and get our acts together! Who am I, why should I care to speak out and why should you even bother to listen? Well, Mr President, thank you, I’m so glad you asked😁. You work for me because I hired you. Yes, you see, I occupy the highest office in the land: ‪#‎OfficeofTheCitizen‬.

May God grant you wisdom as you navigate the waters of corruption, greed, avarice, incompetence, mediocrity and apathy in Nigeria and chart a new course based on tolerance, unity, meritocracy, ethics, sacrifice, integrity and empathy.  Together, we can all make a big difference, one idea, one person, one project and one community at a time! -💕

Love, Light & Truth!

Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

Poet | Master-Certified Leadership Coach-Trainer-Consultant |

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Whole Woman Network


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