#90. Floetry by JulietKego: #RememberingAylan

Aylan Kurdi Rest in Peace

The night before, they’d had a dream
about a little boy called Moses
and in his extraordinary story
They found faith to play with fate
And promptly paid the seaman’s fees
For a chance at gaining his freedom

They kissed him with a song & prayer:
Oh dear baby saviour, our sweet Lord,
Carry, carry him, gently, gently
Hold him through, in the angry seas
Croon a lilting lullaby with the waves
Fill his pangs of thirst and of hunger
And sooth away his nagging ulcers of fear
Here in Korbani, they kill and feed us fear

If he stays he’ll suckle the milk of hatred;
an evil concoction of grime and of gall
Take him in and wrap him in soft silk
Give him water and Mother’s fresh milk
Sweetened with memories of honey and dreams,
bringing forth his bubbly, beatific smile
Remove the nightmares in his head
And fill it with folly of innocence instead

Sail away with him, across the Nile
To unknown peaceful, distant shores
Let the kind fair strangers take him in
May the bejeweled and scented hands
of beautiful Queen Nefertiti find him
And if by sad chance she doesn’t
Carry him gently, gently, safely back to the Lord….
Did you not say that we should bring ’em;
All the lost, little children to you?

© Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido

Remembering brothers Aylan Kurdi (2 year-old), Galip Kurdi (4 year-old) and Rehn Kurdi (their mother), who drowned at sea in a failed passage, while escaping from war-torn Syria. May their souls (and the souls of all who die in senseless orgies of violence, around the world), Rest in Perfect Peace, Amen.

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