#91. Floetry by JulietKego: Rivers of Regrets…..

(Someday we’ll be older, truer, finer and wiser….)

We flowed on across stormy trails

Till the clouds shattered in tears

And wept in torrential wails

The sharp, shattering sounds

Breaking and bursting already sore hearts

Into tiny, tormented tributaries

Dragged by time, heading over there

Where we fear, so we fight to remain here

Finding our way home to mother

The sole, soul River of all rivers

Weaver of our sad stories,

Stealer of our dormant dreams

Or so we thought.


We pool together, at the confluence

Hugging and kissing,

Blending and bending the half-truths

Of the paths we never walked

The regrets we cleverly hide

The dreams we denied

The voices we snuffed and the stories we shunned

The very vexing visions

Of what may have been

The mocking sounds of the songs

That never left our tongues

Robbing us of sleep

And escaping at dawn

And in the pauses in between

In the purgatory of neither here nor there

We discover the sacred secrets we seek.


We flowed on in smooth sails

Till the clouds smiled in sunny rays

And released soft hums of snowy flakes

The shiny sights and soothing sounds

Mending and melting cold, haunted, hurting hearts

Into a jagged yet joyous wiser and worthy whole

The weary wrinkles now appear as laugh lines

Yes! Laughter at the silly things we let hold us down

And as we look back now at our folly and fears

We celebrate an age of tributaries of tribulations

Flowing shyly, seamlessly and yet surely

Into the rivers of old age, the true fountains of freedom.


The naked bodies of rivers never flow south, only North,

Yes, North; upwards, sweeter, finer, older, truer and wiser

We have found the lost elixir of youth we sought

They were there, unhidden, with us all along,

in the uncharted paths we failed to take

In the daring adventures we put on hold

While we baked life’s perfect cakes and pies

Ticked off the check boxes of these ordinary lies

And missed the extraordinary rainbows of our lives

In the stillborn dreams we foolishly failed to birth

In the imagination we refused to breathe life into

So they die within us and are aborted

And weep with salty tears between once silken thighs

Will we sit by the stagnant rivers of our rotten regrets,

And tell the little ones our senseless sorry stories,

Of walking a boring straight line of nothingness

Afraid to find the salvation buried beneath our sin?

Will we hope for someday, when we’re older, truer, finer, wiser

Or will we wake up now and finally see that someday is TODAY.

(c) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved). 2015


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