#92. Floetry by JulietKego: Silent Lovin’


Some days are for lovin’
Some days are for fightin’
Some days are for lovin’ n fightin’
And when you learn to make
the fightin’ all about the lovin’
Then everyday becomes
just all about the lovin’

The days you’d bet watch out for
are those sneaky days of silence
there’s the silence of
‘I have nothing to say’ silent
or the ‘I have lots to say
but choose to swallow’, silent
Both kinds of silence
lead to losing and killing
all that lovin’
Choose the ‘lovin’ the silence’
kindda silent and pay attention
to her kindda flavour
Hear the language of the silence
In the spaces without walls
Shhhhhhihh! Lady silence speaks…
Listen: does she sing the song of love
or speak the tongue of break up?

(c) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

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