#102. Floetry by JulietKego: #TheAlphabetSeries Love Notes A, B, C

Juliet Ume-Onyido Poetry Playground
#TheAlphabetSeries #PlaygroundPoetry
A: Asking
I kneel,
I pray, I plead,
I ask you, beloved
soul collector and keeper
of many hearts. My love, I ask
for a gift I suspect you cannot give;
to release it now, my heart, back to me
as I am forgetting who I am, I am wandering
lost in the plains where silence echoes like a taunt
like a listless spirit in ethers, of neither here nor there
In limbo, as I struggle to recall my soul’s forgotten name
B: Buzzing
in between
day and night,
I am oh a-buzzing
a-flame, all a-tingling,
like flinty, crackling sparks
on a faulty mikano generator set
like angry ripples of a contained river
flowing indignantly into big, deep oceans
sounds of waves louder and the crescendo higher
like a dam violently bursting out of her brick barriers
I am abuzz with energy; of your love, your smile, your wit,
an elemental, primal vibration, drawing us in, twin-magnets of love
me north, you south and then rolled into one, no start, no end, its just us
abuzz, licking flames teasing me, overwhelming me, illuminating me, with love
C: Cold
Your breath
fanning my ears
is the silence of voice
the sound that echoes back
in the shivers of my soul, and I stir
your voice, is the cold air on my spine
that gushes and spills out of my heavy lungs
your voice, is the goose-bumps on my fore-arms
the thunderous, raw rhythm of the background beat
of my heart. And your voice is that whispering wisp of air
whooshing shyly on my nape, while my earlobe dances and waits
for your kiss, a nibble, a bite. Your voice is the cold that fevers my skin….
(C) Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido

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