#RandomMusings. Dis-Empowered: The Art of Giving up Your Power

Some of the many ways people give up their power in any situation and become dis-empowered:
-By failing to realize they have any power in the first place;
-Blaming others and pointing fingers;
-Making excuses or justifying;
-Playing the victim;
-Castigating others;
-Failing to take responsibility;
-Focusing on the problems and not the solutions;
-Repeating and recounting the experience in exactly the same way with no new awareness;
-Failing to try on different ‘hats’ or perspectives to reframe the situation;
-Going back to the situation with the charge of the emotions instead of at neutrality;
-Creating a looped behaviour instead of pattern-interrupting;
-Choosing the ego and fighting for their limitations rather than being open to constructive criticism & yielding to an inner compass;
-By unconsciously enjoying the ‘drama’ and chaos;
-By focusing only on the surface problem and ignoring the root causes- what the problem is really doing for them (*every problem fulfills an unconscious need);
-Failing to see their role in co-creating the situation….
Empowerment is always a CHOICE and starts with OWNING and embracing your own sh*t! 🙂

More on the habits of Personal Empowerment and Signs of Dis-Empowerment on my next podcast! 💕- Jules

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