#RandomMusings. Of Toronto International Film Festival & Random Bus Rides…


#‎ABusRideBackFromTIFF‬ I love looooong bus drives and subway rides. I love how the stranger beside me is speaking so loud on the phone and I listen in because my ears can’t help themselves.😊 I love how the young couple sitting across can’t take their hands and eyes and tongues off each other. Once I get over the lapping and smacking sounds, and the sloppy kissezzz, I realize it’s probably the scents of first love for both. They wear the identical blushes young lovers have....

You know, that colour that’s ruddy and all so pink because it all seems too good to be real. I love how the bus driver is going at an angry speed through the road bumps like we all gave him a bad performance review earlier today at work. I love hearing the loud music off the earphone of the wide-eyed teenager at the back. I love the sound of his rap music and nod with a smile.

You know that nod? The one a sister gives a brother ‘cos somehow you figure your ancestry is either….one came forcefully on a boat, the other willingly and yet you both face the same sh*t. I love watching them, the young ones, enjoy the arrogant, carefree freedom of youth; eloquently snuffed by Bills and mortgages soon enough. I love the sounds of the street at night…buzzing with excitement of what’s to rise at sunrise.

I love sitting here taking in all the hues and nuances while the bus goes on and on, travelling North. I love them all, bus drives and train rides: the good, the bad and the beautiful. Noisy or quiet, fast or slow…I love sharing space with strangers who live out their stories.. I love the flow of life!
P.S: And next time, I’ll remind myself to inhale and exhale; to explore the mixed up aromas and smells of sweat, of fear, of passion and of life. Life is a series of NOWs and NOW is always magically unfolding. Capture the gift of your now…  ‪#‎IAMaCollectorOfStories‬ 💕Cyber-hugs, -Jules

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