#109. Floetry by JulietKego: Walking on Crazy Street

Yonge Street Longest Street in the World

Floetry by JulietKego: Walking on Crazy Street

Today, I’m missing you
madly, like crazy
so I decide to go walking
along the busy lanes
of Yonge street
(the longest street in the world) on a day
with the breeze
cool and lazy.
Today’s walk
had a hint of crazy
a fast car with a grey tint
almost ran me over
and then
I met a mad man on 16th
at the corner of Carville
with the meat shop that sells veal.
He was screaming out
at the world, at the top
of his lungs,
he was near naked
I saw his bony ribcage
he seemed unfazed,
by autuum’s cold winds
as if the torment within
his mind’s cage,
kept him warm.
I saw passers-by cross the street
afraid of being burnt
by his flame of madness
and I wondered what he’d say
if I remained in his lane
and said a simple hello
before I formed the thought
my heart spilled my soul’s words
and whispered a shaky, little ‘hi’
He seemed to pause
and heave a soul-sigh
face to face, we both stared
in this crazy, busy space
brown eyes meet green
strangers no more
each finding a familiar face.
Fleeting but I saw it
his nod, his wink
and a hidden grin
we walked on, together,
we’re both shaking our heads
along the lanes of Yonge Street
I started humming and singing out loud;
long buried words of ‘Amazing Grace’
My beat, a backgound rhythm
to his melodic sane screaming
both of us recognizing
our reflected sweet sadness,
walking on crazy street,
along Yonge street
the potent poetry
of our unveiled un-madness. 🙂

(C) Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido

(Picture source: Google images labelled for non-commercial reuse)

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