#RandomMusings: Chasing the Lifestyle and Forgetting to LIVE….

‪#‎ThisisNotaPoem‬ ‪#‎RandomMusings‬ Thoughts that cross my mind, as I drop off the kids at school. Watching the hurried pace of parents, angry walks, pursed lips, dragging their kids to avoid the traffic rush. No smiles. Identical frowns.

Sometimes, we forget our WHY. Why we work so darn hard in the first place. To create a better life for our family. To create wonderful memories. To enjoy precious moments with our loved ones. And then slowly, we join other rats in a lost race and we seem to forget the main point of it all. And it becomes all about stress. Frenzied paces. Routine chores and activities. Spark-less survival. Dry motion. We forget to savour the joy of our ALIVEness and BEINGness!

We forget the joy of a childish hug. The embrace of a lover’s touch. How to kiss in the rain. Letting go of perfection and that the world won’t end if we (gasp*) leave dirty dishes in the sinks, or if we’re late because we had to steal a quickie-kiss, or take a second to hold hands and pray. We get lost in the chase of the lifestyle and forget to actually LIVE. Passionately. Purposefully. Powerfully.

Yesterday, I was reminded to pause and simply BREATHE. To quit over-analyzing and simply enjoy the moment of magic unfolding in the NOW. It means STOPPING and looking loved ones in the eye as if to say, I see YOU, I hear YOU, I appreciate YOU, I acknowledge this moment right here, right now cos there’ll never be another like it….It means spending extra seconds in a warm hug, a lingering kiss, a loving thought.

To simply choose to live the heck out of life! Today, I invite you all to BREATHE. To LIVE. To BE, PRESENT & AWARE! In our real and cyber-worlds.

‪#‎Thankful4TheGiftofLove‬ We all have this gift of love pre-creation. Pay attention to the people in your life. Some special ones are here to raise your resonance. They create a vibration that calls out to your soul and awaken you to be your authentic self; Pilgrim of Love. Become such a person to another. The key is to love Unconditionally. To take a leap, because in love were you created, with love were you moulded, through love were you redeemed. At your basest self, you are pure molecules of Love. Everything else creates a disconnect, a DIS-ease…

Love, Light & Truth!

Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

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Juliet Ume-Onyido Poetry Playground

Floetry by JulietKego: Surrender. Let Go. Yield.

Surrender. Let Go. Yield.
Tow the paths to wisdom,
become a childish fool in love.
It takes a sublime level of folly
to grasp the way of the cross;
To die that another may live
To be the seed that’s swallowed
Beneath the welcoming Earth
And then sprout as an eternal tree.
Surrender. Let Go. Yield.
Let go of your knowing
Embrace your unknowing
Become a child again;
Look up, let your face kiss the sun
Let your hands catch drops of rain
Play hide and seek with the moon
Run in and out of the oceans
Sit on a swing in a playground
Dance beneath the galaxy of stars
Watch the sunset and sunrise;
Witness the sky hug and kiss the Earth.
Today, Surrender. Let Go. Yield.

Cyber-hugs, ❤ Jules

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